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Kids Life Water Baptism

If your child has accepted Jesus as their Savior and is interested in being baptized, we’d love for them to sign up for Water Baptism. Romans 6:3-4 says that when we go under the water during baptism, we identify with Christ who went into the grave and when we come out of the water, we identify with His coming back to life! Water baptism represents what has already happened inside of us. Our old life as a sinner is gone and we rise in our new identity in Christ. Water baptism is an outward expression of our inward decision for Christ! To ensure that water baptism is a meaningful declaration of faith by your child we’ve put a few questions for you to walk through with them. Please complete this before signing them up to make sure they are ready to take this step. We love that we get to partner with you to see your child become all that God has called them to be!

The Kids Life Team

Upcoming Water Baptism Opportunities

What to Ask Your Child

As you discern if your child is ready to be water baptized, here are some questions to ask them. After each question, you will see some sample answers that would indicate your child understands.

If your child is able to easily answer these questions, they are probably ready to be baptized. Pray a prayer of thanksgiving over your child! Thank God for their decision to accept Him and be baptized. If you don’t feel your child understands what it means to be baptized just yet, it’s totally appropriate to wait. During this time, feel free to let your child observe Water Baptism and talk to them about what it means.

Jesus is God’s one and only son. He lived his whole life on earth, just like us.

Jesus died on the cross but came back to life. Because He did, we can spend forever in heaven one day.

Find out if your child has a memory of when they understood what Jesus did for them and that they needed Jesus in their life. It may have been at church, at home or even a time when they were alone.

It’s when we follow Jesus’ example of being submerged in water in front of others.

Jesus was baptized and he tells us to be baptized. It shows others what Jesus has done on the inside of us.

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